[~/projects] $ ls

Hensuki [BASH] Multipurpose doujin downloader using some bash magic.
megumiAi [PYTHON] still trying to bring waifu in real life
shielder [PYTHON] bulk http request and bruteforce with low privilege.
strygwyr [JS] quick APIwrapper for interacting with the Dota 2 heroes
scathachAPI [JS] NSFW wrapper, rewrite and overhaul Fate/Lewd Order API.
medB [PYTHON] Boost and spice up your Booru experience with medB.
scathachsh [BASH] Booru parameter injector with bash magic
RedKato [PHP] Indonesian anime scraper
Scathach [CUSTOM] Quick Recon, Dota2, Cryptochecker, vtb, NSFW

-- more repository: @sinkaroid and @scathachOpensource